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Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy
Product Code: CFLLS-1000
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Student Dress Code Policy


The following is a brief description of our school dress code that should serve to provide you with some assistance in making your back to school clothing purchases.


All uniforms tops and outerwear must be purchased from French Toast at http://cflacademy.epluno.com/


Tops for Males and Females


•                      Solid white or navy (with CFLA logo) for middle school students.

•                      Solid white, navy or golden yellow polo shirts for high school students (with CFLA Logo). High school students may also wear white button-up oxfords with logos and there is a tie option that is also being sold this year. 


  High school students may wear only on Fridays, a variety of different colored polo shirts with a CFLA logo that are also available at  http://cflacademy.epluno.com/

•                      All tops must be tucked in at all times.

•                      Undershirts must be white or match the polo color.

Bottoms for Males and Females

•                      Khaki pants or shorts (Docker Style with belt loops); Pants or shorts must not be form-fitting or overly tight.

•                      High School Students only, may wear khaki or navy colored bottoms.

•                      Belts must be worn by male students; females must wear belts with any pants, shorts, skorts or skirts that have belt loops. Belts can be solid black or brown in color, solid or braid in style without studs or decoration and of appropriate length. Buckles should be small or medium.  Belts must be leather or leather like.

•                      Cargo pants or pants with pockets below the hip line are unacceptable.

•                      All pants must be secured at the waist and cannot “sag.”

•                      Pleated or non-pleated pants are acceptable.

•                      ALL shorts should hit mid-thigh.

•                      Khaki skorts and skirts are acceptable for female students as long as they come to mid-thigh.

•                      Pants or shorts legs may not be rolled.  No elastic bands on pants legs.

Shoes, Socks and Tights

Only athletic shoes or sneakers will be allowed.  They may be in any color. They must be fully enclosed sneakers and be appropriate for PE.

•                      All shoe straps must be strapped.

•                      All laces must be tied.

•                      All shoes must be free of any graffiti or inappropriate text.

•                      All socks must be solid black or white.

•                      Girls can wear stockings or tights that are either solid white or a solid color that matches their skin.

•                      Leggings are not permitted.

•                      Skele-toe or similar shoes, flats or boots (except JROTC) are not appropriate.

•                      Boys cannot wear tights or compression legging.


•                      Coats, jackets, sweaters, sweater vests and sweatshirts are considered as outerwear and can be worn to school, but may not be worn beyond the lobby.  All outerwear that has the school logo may be purchased from All Uniform Wear and may be worn in class.  ONLY outerwear with logos will be permitted in class.


•                      Female students may wear two earrings per ear, one stud and one small hoop no larger than a nickel

•                      No additional piercings in the face or any other body part that is visible will be allowed. 

•                      No tongue piercings.

•                      Dangling earrings, or long, spiky earings are not allowed.

•                      Male students are not allowed to wear earrings.

•                      Watches are allowed; but no bracelets, rubber bands or silly bands are allowed.

•                      No necklaces may be worn where they are visible.

•                      Light-up jewelry is not allowed; no gauges are allowed.


The school administration’s decision on the appropriateness of hair color and style is final.

•                      Hair must be off the face.

•                      Natural hair color; conservative hi-lights if the color is a lighter or darker shade of the natural color.

•                      No Mohawks or other extreme haircuts

•                      Female students may wear head bands and ribbons are acceptable, but must be conservative.        

•                      Head bands may not be worn by males.

Make Up

•                      Conservative make-up for female students.

•                      No false eyelashes.

•                      No make-up for male students.

•                      Nail polish for females is acceptable if conservative and well-maintained.

•                      No henna tattoos.

Physical Education Uniform

            A PE uniform is available from French Toast. Any tennis shoes are acceptable.

•                      For Middle School and High School: Gold shorts with school logo and Blue t-shirt with eagle. Solid color spandex shorts may be worn under the PE shorts.

Dress Code for “Dress Down Days”*

•                      Normal school dress is always acceptable, otherwise appropriate casual dress is allowed.

•                      Jeans with no rips or tears, worn at the waist with no sagging.

•                      T-shirts without inappropriate messages nor advertisements of alcohol, cigarettes or other products inappropriate for MS or HS students.

•                      No revealing clothing.

•                      No pajama tops or bottoms.

•                      Shorts must be no shorter than fingertips with arm fully extended.

•                      No tank tops.

•                      No exposed midriffs.

•                      Shoes must have closed toes; no flip flops or sandals.

•                      No tight or “skinny” jeans.

•                      Jewelry, hair and makeup rules remain in place (follow regular dress code rules).

•                      Dress Code for “Dress Up Days” *

•                      For girls, dresses or skirts and blouses of appropriate length (fingertip length with arms fully extended); low heels or dress shoes (no flip flops).

•                      For boys, slacks and a dress shirt with a tie or blazer; dress shoes.

•                      Professional in appearance; No revealing clothing.


*When authorized by the Principal

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